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Hi everyone!

We’re 5 days into our Kickstarter campaign and your support has been amazing! We have reached 13% of our goal and there are still 25 days to go!

By the numbers (and as of 7:30AM this morning) we are at $3,902 of our $28,500 goal. To check out our project directly, click here.

We’ve gotten some questions about pledging to our Kickstarter campaign, so we wanted to make sure any pending questions were answered right away!

1. What is backing?

Backing is Kickstarter’s term for supporting our project. We like to think of it as becoming part of our expanding Curd Herd 🙂

2. Do I have to give right away?

Technically, no, BUT giving early and allowing our project to gain momentum gives us the distinct advantage of being featured on Kickstarter’s Popular page. More exposure allows our campaign to reach a broader audience, proving incredibly successful in the long run.
So, if you ARE planning on giving:
Early Backing + Momentum = Getting Our Curd To Your Doorstep Sooner!

3. Why wasn’t my card charged?

Your card will not be charged until our campaign is over and ONLY if we meet our goal. This means that unless we meet our goal (or exceed it!), you are not financially committed.
November 1st kicks off Thanksgiving month and we are so thankful for all of our Kickstarter backers and everyone who loves our cheese.


We cannot thank you enough for supporting our expansion project.

For daily updates on how our project is going, be sure to visit our Facebook or Twitter page!