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Ciao Caputo Brothers Friends & Family!

This summer was such a whirlwind for us; I think we are still looking around wondering where the last 4 months have gone. Classes, Demos and Dinners…Oh my!

As the end of September quickly approaches, the Caputos are hitting the road once again. Next stop? Italy!

Our bags are packed, we’ve got our itinerary set, our fearless tour group is by our side and we’re ready to take Northern Italy by storm. Our itinerary includes some of our most favorite spots in Italy and we are so excited to get over there and explore!

We know what you’re thinking.

I can’t believe I’m missing out on another Caputo-style Italy tour!

But this is where you’re wrong! This trip is like none other, because each day we hope to catalog the day’s events right here on this blog so everyone at home can feel the magic of the Cinque Terre and smell the fresh olive oil right in their own homes. Readers can look forward to photos and a full itinerary breakdown daily! Cool, right?

Our journey begins September 26…stay tuned!