Caputo Brothers Creamery is a farm-based business in Spring Grove, PA. We built the Creamery onto our 190+ year-old farmhouse in 2010. Although production of all of our cheeses and cultured milk products is onsite at our facility, we currently have no retail location on the premises. Please review the list below for retail locations as well as restaurants where you can purchase our products.

Retail and Wholesale Distribution Partners:

Restaurants that are using Caputo Brothers cheese:

If you are interested in carrying Caputo Brothers Creamery cheeses and cultured milk products, contact us.

“There is this tang in their cheese that is just like what you find in Italy. The extra step of fermentation produces something that is very, very special.”
"Caputo Brothers curds help me make chef-quality mozzarella at home."
“They are one of the only creameries that I know of making real fermented cheese curd for their mozzarella. It’s really cool. It’s the stuff my Italian grandmother made and the stuff I had in Italy.”
“An amazing evening of great food and terrific entertainment gave both of us a new found appreciation of the homegrown Italian way both in creation and cooking to experiencing, what a lovely way to enjoy food in celebration with others who appreciate the same.”
"Rynn Caputo is a mozzarella evangelist, in the best sense of the word. We've always loved cheeses, but after discovering Caputo Brothers Creamery, our love has skyrocketed to new heights."