Provola Riserva

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Did you know that Provolone translates to "big, aged mozzarella" in Italian?  That's right, anytime time "-one" falls on the end of an Italian word, it means it’s a big version of the root word, in this case, "Provola".  Provola translates to "aged mozzarella", so Provolone means "big, aged mozzarella". 

Our team of cheesemakers stretch our naturally fermented curds by hand and then place the cheese in a tubular form to keep the traditional shape.  Once cooled, the cheese is placed in brine and hung in our aging cave for roughly 6 months. As the cheese ages, excess moisture is wicked away while proteins and fats break down; all resulting in a cheese with a firm consistency, slight grit like you’d see on a very young Parmigiano Reggiano, and a sharp, slightly nutty taste.

As Provola’s older, more refined sibling, Riserva is best served sliced on a cheeseboard next to spicy cured meats and jams, or grated on pizza and pasta!

Approximately a 1 lb. piece.

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