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It’s hard to believe that our first day in Italy is already drawing to a close! We enjoyed sweet wine and traditional Cantucci to wrap up our evening under the Tuscan stars…but let’s rewind a little bit, shall we?

DSC01054_2After picking up all our guests from the airport and explaining the differences in Italian coffees (and enjoying a bit before even leaving!), we brought everyone to Ancora del Chianti. I think we were right–everyone seems to love it! The perfect blend of rustic and authentic, our hosts Laura and Fillipo had prepared a traditional Tuscan lunch. Lentil soup, melon and salami, and Panzanella–no one went hungry.


The Italians believe in taking an afternoon rest, so when in Rome Tuscany…

After a short rest, everyone gathered on the porch for a lesson from Laura in gnocchi making. We dug right in–literally!


Ricing, Kneading & Rolling…oh my!


After a very informative lesson from Laura about local agriculture and the history of the gnocchi, finishing our shaping techniques and cooking the gnocchi–we were officially welcomed to Italy!


Is there anything quite like enjoying gourmet food you have just prepared yourself?


Only 12 hours being in Italy and our group has enjoyed the rolling hills of Tuscany, traditional Tuscan fare and making & enjoying fresh gnocchi. I’d say we are off to a good start 🙂

Tomorrow brings a trip to the market, a winery and a world-famous butcher shop. Are you ready? To receive up to the minute updates–follow along via Twitter or Instagram!

Buona Notte la Greve in Chianti!