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It’s safe to say that our tour did not have to worry about being bored today!

Starting the day out with a traditional Tuscan breakfast prepared by Laura, we welcome the day with the grape harvest right here at Ancora del Chianti! The harvest only happens once per year, so we were very lucky to be able to see it first hand.


From that point on, we were on the move! Our first stop of the day was the market in Greve where everyone had the opportunity to peruse and shop at their leisure. I think some of our guests could have spent their whole afternoon there! Leather bags, kitchen wares and fresh produce galore! Finding hometown markets is one of our favorite things to do in Italy—it really gives you the local sense!


From the market, we made our way to Panzano—home of Dario Cecchini and his world-famous butcher shop. Dario happened to be in-residence this weekend and we were all able to see his meat magic first-hand. Of course, the wine and samples were  flowing! Fresh bread with garlic and lardo seemed to be a favorite amongst our crew. Dario’s “Butcher Perfume”, a blend of spices, salt & pepper, is something he is known for and made it’s way into many of our bags to take home and use in our own kitchens!




From Panzano, a little lunch was in order! When in Italy, fresh bread, meats, & fruit for a small Tuscan picnic overlooking a vineyard seems pretty appropriate—what do you think?


The views were amazing.


Our picnic lunch was followed by a wine tasting and tour at Cennatoio–potentially one of the most breath-taking views of the day! An assortment of wines were sampled and some of us even shipped a case or two home!

DSC01128 DSC01125

Like we mentioned yesterday, the Italians enjoy a light “siesta” everyday—who wouldn’t?!—so today we did just that!


After a short respite, it was time for the crown jewel of our day—dinner at Dario’s restaurant, Solociccia. Plate after plate of meat delicacies were brought to the table and we enjoyed many glasses of vino!


Some of the favorites included pork with sweet onions in a sweet and sour sauce, lightly fried beef tenderloin and beef ragu on crostini—with a slightly spicy aftertaste!


Of course, this was only a sampling of our full course at Solociccia—a must-eat when in Panzano 🙂


Arriving home shortly after midnight—we are prepared for another full day of adventure tomorrow.