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There is truly no better place in the world to wake up than Italy! Add a lovely couple running your hotel and making Day2.2omelets and crepes to order and the Cinque Terre right outside your doorstep…icing on the cake! Eraldo obviously loves to create beautiful food, and his omelets and crepes were as much art as they were sustenance! A wonderful breakfast was just what we all needed to start adventuring along the trails, trains, ferries, and yes…a salty anchovy festival.

The group had the day to themselves to pick their own path through the towns and although some chose to stay close to Monterosso, others ventured as far as Portovenere (that would be our solo traveler who is 80)! They all made sure to get back to the hotel in time for a quick snack before heading over to the marina for our private boat ride!

You might remember that we took a similar excursion on our June tour around the Isle of Capri, so when we found Vincenzo and his sunset cruise, we jumped at the chance to recreate what was a major highlight in June! The trip would be shorter this time, but it came with Prosecco served with local meats, cheeses, and bread…what more could we ask for really?

Once aboard, Vincenzo pointed the boat south and we were off on another magical sailing adventure. The waters were pristine and towns were beautiful as we passed by each one. Vincenzo would pull close to each port allowing the group to get some postcard worthy photos while sipping Prosecco! Just before Manarola he pulled over into a cove and cut the boat’s engine allowing those of us that were crazy enough to jump in to go for a swim!! The water was warm and refreshing and after those of with our suits hopped in, one traveler couldn’t resist jumping in fully clothed! I told her that I was impressed that she didn’t even mess up her lipstick. It served as a great reminder that you just have to get out there and live your life…make every moment count!

Day2.3We arrived at the fifth town, Riomaggiore, just as the sun was starting set, and from our view it looked as if the entire town had come to the port to watch it go down. It happens to be my favorite of the five towns, and I found myself putting down my camera and drinking in the moment. I truly love this country, and nights like this serve as a perfect reminder as to why that is.

We returned safely home to Monterosso just as the DJ was starting to spin his tunes in the main Piazza, after all, nothing says party like a salty anchovy party!! After a quick gelato (mascarpone and toasted fig), the group headed back to the hotel. We have a great day planned tomorrow to another of our favorite towns…Camogli!

Inspirational note: We love the way the Italians use brick, stone, wooded beams, and plaster together to create an inviting old-world space. We hope to incorporate some of these textiles in our new space to create the same effects in Spring Grove!


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