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Not even a rainy day could bring our tour group down!


We started our last day in Tuscany with a stroll through the vineyard with Fillipo, who told our group all about the process of wine making. Despite a couple rain drops, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves!


After that, we ventured to Pruneti for an official olive oil tasting! What an amazing experience for us to see the entire process from branch to bottle! Our group sampled four different types of olive oil and then had the opportunity to try our favorites on a delicious antipasti lunch. A light lunch in good company was the perfect rainy day remedy.


A light and airy olive oil and saffron cake was served for dessert—delicioso!


Our next adventure was a pizza making class in Greve where everyone had the chance to create their own pizzas! This was definitely a lively experience for all—and we think everyone finished their delicious creations. Is there anything cooler than making your own pizza dinner in Italy?


Pizza was followed by gelato and one last passeggiata in the Greve square. We’re calling it an early night here, because tomorrow we are off to a new town and a new adventure!