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Despite all of our efforts over the past 9 days to slow the arrival of this day, it has happened nonetheless – alas, the final full day of our culinary tour has descended upon us. We have tasted and experienced so much of Italy, and better understood its people and traditions over the past days. But why let finality end what will be a lifelong journey? Today, we celebrate in grand fashion all that we have loved about Italy, and we will do so by experiencing its people, culture Day 9.1and food. Yes, today is Market Day in Greve!

One of the finer markets in all the Bel Paese, everyone had a few hours to browse the produce, food trucks, wares, clothing, leather goods, souvenirs and more. Experiencing the open air market is one of Italy’s greatest gifts. And while our guests enjoyed their time, Rynn and I acquired the ingredients for a tasty picnic lunch back at Ancora del Chianti.

Day 9.2Later in the afternoon we were invited to Laura’s kitchen, where Laura taught us all how to make handmade potato gnocchi and a trio of sauces to accompany. Her concept was to show us how easy it was to prepare and that we could learn it here and recreate it when we returned home, to share with family and friends. In the end, Laura created gnocchi “of the Italian flag” – with red tomato sauce, “white” with butter & sage, and green with pesto!

Finally, finishing where we began the Tuscan portion of our journey, we dined in Ancora’s new facility. It was a meal consisting of typical Tuscan antipasti, our handmade gnocchi, traditional arista, peperonata, and tiramisu – all the creations of Laura’s kitchen.

As we all took turns sharing memories and saying goodbye, it was hard not to be a little sad at heading home. But we can find happiness in our experiences and memories from the trip, and we know that as we live our lives away from Bella Italia, we can take comfort that we will know more, taste more and feel more from now on.

Buon Viaggio e Buon Appetito!

Grazie Mille,

Davide & Rynn (Renata)

Day 9.3