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Today we started early, because if you want fresh pastry, well…you have to get there first thing in the morning!  For those who didn’t mind an early start, we drove to our favorite pasticceria in all of Italy.  To say it’s a hole in the wall would be an understatement!  The first time we were there, Rynn drove up and down the street for an hour just trying to find it.  It’s unmarked, and it’s awesome!  Eddie greeted us in the small retail area and had our cornetti prepared – normale, cioccolato, or marmellata.  Oh, and also with crema…that was cooling on the table in the back…and was liberally spread into our still-warm cornetti…

What a way to start the day!  We followed that up with making our own limoncello back at the agriturismo, complete with picking our own lemons, peeling them, and steeping them in the alcohol. We then headed into Sorrento for the afternoon, returning later to to finish the limoncello and make pizza dough for that night’s dinner.  We dined under the canopy of the lemon trees, reminiscing about our trip, and looking forward to the next trip.

A heartfelt thank you to all our travelers.  We hope it was as special for you as you made it for us!