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La TavolaWe have some big, exciting news to share with you, our Caputo Brothers famiglia!  Some of you know that we recently leased the former Daughters Café at 245 N. Main Street in Spring Grove, and if you’ve driven by, you’ve seen the “Coming in 2015” sign in the window.  We’re thrilled to announce that 2015 is coming early and we started operations there last week!!

We have so many exciting plans in store for our new space, the first of which is to introduce it as La Tavola at Caputo Brothers Creamery – the new home of our Farm Table Dinners!!  La Tavola translates to “the table” in Italian, and we feel that this perfectly captures the essence of the dinners – the experience of breaking bread at our family’s table, just like the many we have dined around in Italy.

As of October 3, all Farm Table Dinners will be at our new location, where we will continue to share with you our love of traditional, regional Italian cuisine.  Our group dining format will remain largely the same, with the five delicious courses, cheesemaking demonstration, olive oil tastings, and pasta or risotto making – but the the added bonus of experiencing the NEW Caputo Brothers Creamery and hearing what is in store for our future!  A larger kitchen, great demonstration space, easy-to-find location, handicap accessibility…these are just a few of the bonuses our new spot has in store.

20141003_181527We always say that a bite of our cheese is like a free trip to Italy for your tastebuds – this new space will be a free trip to Italy for ALL of your senses!  It is our plan that when you step through the door, you will leave Spring Grove, PA and be transported to a trattoria in a small Italian village – something we never fully felt able to do in our farmhouse.  If you have been following the blog and Instagram posts of our recent tour of Italy, you know that we have been finding inspiration at every turn, so not only will we be transporting you with our cheese and the meal, but with the ambience as well. 

Your own “Little Italy” is coming to Spring Grove!  Come join us on our journey!