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Here is an overview of how to get started stretching the Caputo Brothers Creamery CapoMozz (cultured mozzarella curd). Watch these videos first for an understanding of what you will need to know before you start stretching the CapoMozz into Fior di Latte, Burrata, etc.

For written stretching instructions, click here: Directions for stretching CapoMozz in the “Traditional,” “Stovetop” or “Sous Vide” methods.

Method #1: Traditional

Method #2: Stovetop

Method #3: Sous Vide

Once you get started, you can get creative with Stracciatella and Burrata!  Stracciatella, made with strings of the Fior di Latte and heavy cream, may be used on its own or as the stuffing for Burrata. Fun for kids and a great way to wow your friends at a dinner party!


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