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Sampler Gift Pack

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This Sampler Pack of our Ready-to-Eat cheeses makes the perfect gift or is an ideal way to explore some of our fresh and aged cheeses!  The package** includes:
– 1 basket of Whey-Based Ricotta – Perfect in a cannoli or just on its own for a protein-packed snack, this is not the same product as the milk-based ricotta you find in the supermarket!  Our ricotta is made by harvesting the whey from our cheesemaking and re-cooking (ricotta is Italian for “re-cooked”!) it to create this soft, custard-like cheese.  It’s smooth texture and delicious flavor make it perfect for both sweet and savory applications. (1-1.25 lbs. per basket*)
1 portion of Provola – Did you know that provolone is just aged mozzarella??  Our mozzarella is hand-stretched by one of our cheesemakers before being brined and hung up in our aging cave.  The aging process removes excess moisture, resulting in a smooth, firm consistency and a sweet, sharp, tangy flavor.  You’ll receive a 1lb. portion* of this young provola (approx. 3 weeks aged) which is perfect for slicing and enjoying!
– 1 portion of Ricotta Salata Vecchio – Our whey-based ricotta, salted and aged for at least 6 weeks (vecchio is Italian for ‘old’!)  Higher in moisture than traditional Ricotta Salata, allowing for a funky rind development that gives this cheese a distinct flavor, totally unexpected from a whey-based cheese. You will receive a 1lb. portion* of this aged cheese.
* Weights are an average approximation.
**Decorative bowl not included.

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