Virtual Class Event: Pop-Pop's Pepper Jelly

Virtual Class Event: Pop-Pop's Pepper Jelly

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Class will take place via Zoom on Sunday, December 19 @ 3:00p.m. EST  

As popular as our cheeses have become in the past 10 years, nothing has brought such excitement or an emotional reaction from our customers like our pepper jelly (and the most sought-after recipe!).  Inspired by our friend Dario Cecchini’s version, Rynn’s parents created their own recipe after a bumper crop of peppers in our garden left them searching for ways to use them up.  A staple at our Farm Table Dinners for many years, this condiment became so popular that we eventually started making enough to pack and sell at our shop in Spring Grove.  When TV Host Adam Richman came to visit last year with the History Channel, he suggested that we immediately open another business and start making pepper jelly because it would be the next great condiment and could out sell ketchup!  We have never found a use that it wasn’t perfect for, and now you have the opportunity to learn to make it from the creator herself.  Why now?

On the morning of November 23rd we lost Rynn’s father after a hard-fought battle with lung and heart disease.  When he was moved into hospice care a few weeks earlier the nurse asked him if he had any bucket list items that he wanted to do before he passed.  He thought about it for a few minutes and said “the only thing I want to do before I go is make pepper jelly with my family one more time”.
Unfortunately he was not strong enough in the final weeks to make that happen, so we decided that the best way to honor his passing was to host a virtual class for everyone and spread the joy of something he so dearly loved doing while raising money for the cause he was most passionate about.  On December 19th at 3pm we'll host a live zoom class with the whole family as we walk you through the step-by-step process on how to make the pepper jelly at home.  Mom will be there to answer all of your questions, Dave will be sharing recipes, and Rynn will be showing you how to use in on a cheese board.  We know Dad will be there with us and will have tremendous joy that we shared it all with you.  
100% of the profits will go towards the Spring Grove VFW Scholarship Fund as a donation in his name.  Dad was a very active member of the VFW serving as both Commander and the chair of the scholarship committee.  He loved that students would get an education from contributions made from veterans and their families.
We look forward to seeing all of you on the 19th as we share in this special celebration of Michael Robinson (Pop-Pop) in the first ever pepper jelly class.

Helpful Info:

  • Prior to the event you will receive an email with the supplies and ingredients you will need, as well as the Zoom link and recipe.  
  • Only one registration is needed per household.  
  • You do not need any prior canning experience to take this class! We will cover different canning methods, and you can choose how you would like to store your finished product.
  • A great idea for homemade holiday gifts or to serve at your holiday gatherings!

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