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20130629_173800Caputo Brothers Creamery is pleased to introduce Arlene Thayer – a resident of South Central PA, foodie, fiber artist and blogger.  She will be dropping by here on occasion to help out with our blog updates! 

I thought I’d start with a subject near and dear to our hearts, the wonderful Farm Table Dinners hosted by the Caputos.  So, if you’ve been wondering about the Farm to Table Dinners and whether you would like them, I’m here to tell you, you will!  My husband, myself and some dear friends had the pleasure again a couple of weeks ago and I jotted down some notes to share with you.

Friday night, March 21st,  found us enjoying an incredible dinner at the Caputo Brothers Creamery Farm.  It was our second experience and while it was hard to imagine it better than last time, it was.

breadThe evening started with Dave Caputo’s amazing artisan bread paired with fresh ricotta cheese seasoned simply and perfectly with lemon zest, salt and pepper.  Delectable white bean fritters and sweet pickled peppers preserved from the Caputo’s garden were included in this course.  It was not easy to restrain ourselves from eating more than an appetizer portion, but since we’ve dined with the Caputos previously, we knew moderation is the key to having room left for all the delights the evening includes.

We were then treated to a creamery tour and a lesson on the science of the Caputo’s cheese products.  Their story is utterly fascinating — you can learn more about it here on the website but hearing it told first hand is a lot more fun!

After this interlude, it was back to the serious business of eating,  resuming with an olive oil tasting and cheese making 10441266_666121773469634_1918459458485520220_ndemonstration.  Our next course was served which was comprised of an ample portion of fresh fior di latte (mozzarella) cheese with parsley pesto and cured wild boar meat.  Rynn made the rounds through the dining room, topping our mozzarella with our choice of one of the olive oils we tasted.  The fresh cheese is enough to make a foodie giggle with delight!

Next up was an absolutely delicious risotto made with Barolo wine and fresh shiitake and cremini mushrooms from Kennett Square, PA.  The risotto was perfectly al dente and creamy at the same time.  The dish was comforting and flavorful.  As is so often the case with the ingredients used in these dinners, Rynn had sourced the mushrooms herself from a farm stand.

TenerutiFor the secondo, we were treated to Pampanella – wonderfully braised pork over the creamiest polenta I have ever eaten which was paired by perfectly prepared kale.  While we were starting to get full, because the dish was so delicious, we decided to overindulge and eat every morsel.

Finally, came dessert:  Cannolo (the singular of cannoli) made from a homemade pizzelle (waffle cookie) and filled with more of their cloudlike ricotta cheese — this time lightly sweetened and the ends dipped into chocolate chips and pistachio nuts.  It was a bit of an effort to find a little space in our stomachs, but evidently a cannolo is like ice cream:  there is always room.

Of course, we can’t wait to go back.  New dinners were scheduled last week and I quickly grabbed seats for a night in July.  Yes, July…but we know we are in for a fantastic evening that we enjoy looking forward to.  Do yourself a favor and make sure your email address is in the newsletter database so that you can be notified as to all the wonderful news coming from the Caputo Brothers Creamery.

I will see you here soon!  Until then, buon appetito!