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We are so glad to have you stopping by our website and checking out all that we have to offer. With our new digital landscape, we decided to add a blog feature, which will catalog favorite recipes, our trips to Italy, Creamery happenings and much more. Check back frequently for updates!

Hey You! Tag Your Mag!

F&WpicCaputo Brothers Creamery is proud to be part of Food & Wine Magazine Editor’s Top Ten Picks for May 2013. In honor of such an exciting occasion, we’re launching the Tag Your Mag competition! We want to see you with your May issue of Food & Wine Magazine whether you’re daydreaming about your next culinary adventure or in the checkout line at the grocery store.

Photos may be submitted to media@caputobrotherscreamery.com, on Twitter at @CaputoBrothers using the hashtag #TagYourMag, or on our Facebook page “Caputo Brothers Creamery”.

Any way you choose to submit, you have until May 31, 2013! Once all of the entries have been submitted, we will pick one entry at random and send you a pound of our fresh Cagliata curd to stretch in your own kitchen. All entries submitted will be eligible to win.

Our culture in your kitchen—pretty cool, right?