About Caputo Brothers Creamery

Caputo Brothers Creamery is a family-owned cheese business located in the heart of the Central Pennsylvania dairy region. Since 2011, we have produced the country's only naturally fermented cheese curds that can be stretched into fresh mozzarella - just like we learned to make in Italy! In addition, our whey-based ricotta and aged cheeses are also created in the traditional Italian style. 

For over 8 years, some of the best chefs and restaurants in the country have depended on our cheeses to create the authentic flavors of Italian cuisine. No need to travel to Italy to experience these delicious cheeses - they can be delivered right to your door!

And if you're looking to experience the Italy that we know and love, we lead culinary tours to Italy throughout the year! For more information, visit our sister company Curata Travel.


David & Rynn Caputo

Cheesemaker & Cave Manager Zane Schott tends to a wheel of Vecchio
Some of our cheese team (L to R) - Zane Schott, Kyle Dunn, Wade Smith, Eric Kerr & Elizabeth Cornwell
Owner Rynn Caputo at Barrens View Farm, one of the family-owned dairies supplying milk to the creamery
Vecchio, ready for aging
Elizabeth Cornwell & Kyle Dunn, harvesting curd for packaging
Provola, out of the brine & into the cave
Kellee Gortz, Logistics Manager
Executive Director of Culinary Experiences, Kyle Carter, harvesting grapes in Italy