In general, the following applies for the shelf life of our various cheeses (other than the curd, we do not recommend freezing any of our cheeses):

- Mozzarella Curd - ships frozen, and can stay in your freezer for up to a year!

- Aged Cheeses (Provolone, Beer Cheeses, etc.) - 3 months refrigerated. Once opened, store wrapped in plastic wrap. Some natural mold can be expected - this can be wiped off with a damp towel.

- Fresh Mozzarella - 1 week refrigerated, keep wrapped in plastic wrap.

- Fresh Cheeses (Smoked Mozz, Fior di Pizza) - both will have an expiration date on the packaging (about 30 days from production). Wrap in plastic wrap after opening.

- Fresh Ricotta & Cannoli Filling - about 3 weeks from when it is produced, stored in the refrigerator (they will have an expiration date stamped on the packaging)

Yes, all of our cheeses go through a low-temperature pasteurization on-site in our creamery.

We use only Animal Welfare Approved, non-GMO feed, pasture-based milk from local, family-owned dairy farms.

It's ok!  Don't worry and don't throw your cheese away! Mold is a part of the aging process on these natural cheeses. All you need to do is simply trim away any mold, or you can wipe off with a damp cloth or paper towel. 

They are not - we use animal rennet in our cheeses.  

We do!  Please send us a message or call our main line at 717-739-1091 and we can get you pricing and shipment information!


All orders are shipped via FedEx from our location in Spring Grove, within 3 business days of your order.  Shipping time depends on your order (CapoMozz curds are frozen, so they ship FedEx 2-day or less with dry ice. Fresh Ricotta & aged cheeses are shipped 2-day)

Our aged cheeses & fresh ricotta can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.  CapoMozz can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. except AK & HI (due to the dry ice in the shipment).


We keep our tour groups fairly small, usually between 15-20 travelers per trip.

All over!!  From the most northern areas (Lake Como) to the southernmost (Calabria), east coast (Puglia) to west (Amalfi) - even to the islands (Sicily, Sardinia), and everywhere in between!

Visiting the Creamery

Farm Table Dinners, creamery tours, and our retail shop - due to COVID-19 our facility is currently closed to the public. 

Due to COVID-19 our facility is currently not open to the public or conducting tours. 

We start with a short (10 minute) video, and then the guided portion of the tour takes 20-30 minutes, while the cheese tasting is at your own pace. Feel free to BYOB!

It is!  There is handicap parking in front of our shop, our entrance and hallways are accessible.  Our facility is all on one level.