Virtual Cannoli Kit - How it Works/FAQ

How it Works

Virtual Class experience includes:

  • 1 basket (approx. 1-1.25lb.) of our traditional, whey-based ricotta
  • 4 mini cannoli shells
  • Emailed to you:
    • Instructions on what you'll need at home for the class (powdered sugar, mixer/food processor, bowls, etc.)
    • Link to a password-protected page of our website with your on-demand class to enjoy a ricotta lesson and step-by-step instruction to create your cannoli!

Once you receive your kit, access the website at your leisure and enjoy your cannoli!

*All information will be sent to the shipping address and email provided, including shipment tracking information. Please monitor your spam folder for any correspondence.


When will I receive my kit?

  • Please allow up to 3 business days for order processing.  You will receive a shipment notification & tracking number via email when your order has shipped.  Please note:
    • We are unable to accommodate requests for specific shipping dates or a change in shipping address once your order has already shipped.  
    • Cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.  
    • Orders for multiple products may ship separately and possibly on different dates. 

How soon do I need to watch the video and use my kit?

  • The kit will be shipped to you on refrigeration, and ricotta should be stored in the refrigerator when it arrives (cannoli shells are shelf-stable). The ricotta will have an expiration date (approx. 2 weeks) on the packaging, so we recommend taking the class to make the cannoli before that expiration. 

Can I give this as a gift?

  • Yes!  Just put the recipient’s address in the shipping information, and let them know to look out for the delivery! Please note that all notifications will be sent to the email address provided during checkout - please forward any pertinent information to your gift recipient if you choose to enter your own email.

How much cannoli filling will it make, and how long will it be good for?

  • The basket of ricotta will produce about 1-1.25lb. of cannoli filling and, once made, will be good for about two weeks . (Sugar is a stabilizer which is what allows the cannoli filling to last beyond the expiration date of the ricotta itself.) 

What is whey?

  • Whey is a byproduct of cheesemaking.  In Italy, they re-cook this whey (Ricotta literally means ‘re-cook’ in Italian!) to make ricotta!

Are your cheeses pasteurized?

  • Yes, all of our cheeses are pasteurized at a low temperature to preserve the quality and natural flora of the milk as much as possible.  By federal law any cheese aged less than 60 days must be pasteurized.