Chesapeake Gouda

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Your favorite Gouda meets your favorite seafood spice!  We have not only mixed this popular spice into the curd before pressing, but we have rubbed the outside of each wheel with this delicious goodness!

While you may think of Gouda and picture the red wax-coated form in the supermarket, the term "Gouda" refers more to the style of cheesemaking than the actual cheese.  Similar to our Gouda-style beer cheeses, this is a "washed curd" cheese, but rather than washing the curds in beer, these are washed with water.  This helps remove extra lactose, resulting in a sweeter, milder cheese.  The curds are then pressed into a round mold and brined for 3 days before spending a few weeks in our aging cave.  

(Note: 1lb. portion may be made up of 2-3 pieces)

“The Giving Gouda” was originally created at the end of 2020, as a way to support the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank - for every pound of cheese purchased through our online retail shop, we donated a pound of Gouda to the food bank. We extended this program past the holidays, and we are proud to say that we donated over 13,500lbs. of cheese!