Fior di Pizza (Pizza Cheese)

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Ever gone out of your way to make the perfect at home pizza, only to have it covered in runny, watery cheese that doesn't seem to melt right? We can fix that.

Just like our fresh mozzarella, fior di pizza is stretched using our naturally fermented curds.  This cheese is stretched by the hands of well trained cheesemakers to help remove excess moisture, so that your pizza doesn’t end up looking like a big ol’ pool of water.

In addition, fior di pizza takes a dip in our brine, collected from an ancient underground ocean trapped under the southern Appalachian Mountains (no big deal), before hanging out in our aging cave for a few days. When all is said and done, fior di pizza makes for a cheese that’s salty, savory, uniquely tangy, and has a firm consistency that won’t leak out on you. So fire up that oven as high as you can and get ready to taste the ultimate cheese pizza!

Made of the milk from some of the best family-owned dairy farms in south central PA, Fior di Pizza gives you the perfect low moisture cheese for all your baking needs.

Approximately a 1 lb. piece.

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