NEW! Gouda Riserva

NEW! Gouda Riserva

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If you've enjoyed our Giving Gouda, we think you'll LOVE our new Gouda Riserva!  Aged for 3 months in our aging cave, this version is more firm with a great, sharp flavor.  It's already a huge hit with our staff!

While you may think of Gouda and picture the red wax-coated form in the supermarket, the term "Gouda" refers more to the style of cheesemaking than the actual cheese.  Similar to our Gouda-style beer cheeses, this is a "washed curd" cheese, but rather than washing the curds in beer, these are washed with water.  This helps remove extra lactose, resulting in a sweeter and more mild cheese.  The curds are then pressed into a round mold and brined for 3 days before spending a 3 months in our aging cave.  

(Note: 1lb. portion may be made up by 2-3 pieces)

Caputo Brothers Creamery uses only Animal Welfare Approved, non-GMO feed, pasture-based milk from local, family-owned dairy farms.  We are committed to paying a fair price to farmers for the high quality milk they produce!

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