Provola Piccante

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Did you know that Provolone translates to "big, aged mozzarella" in Italian?  That's right, anytime time you put "-one" on the end of an Italian word it means it is a big version of whatever the root word is, in this case, "Provola".  Provola translates to "aged mozzarella", so Provolone means "big, aged mozzarella". 

Our team of well-trained cheesemakers stretch the same naturally fermented curds by hand and then place the cheese in a tubular form to keep the traditional shape.  Once cooled, the cheese is placed in a brine and hung in our aging cave. The aging process removes excess moisture, resulting in a smooth, firm consistency and a creamy, slightly tangy flavor.

For this Piccante version, certified Calabrian Peperoncini flakes are incorporated into our Provola during the stretching process.  

Slice it for a cheeseboard with spicy cured meats, or add to a sandwich!  This cheese will please every guest with its approachability and easy finish.

Approximately a 1 lb. piece.

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