Smoked Bighill Ciderworks Mulled Cider Cheese

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NEW CHEESE ALERT!!!  Our newest collaboration with Big Hill Ciderworks.  

It all started with a chance reunion of our company owners at a local festival.  Though the Caputos met Ben years ago when the creamery was just getting started, our paths hadn't crossed in a few years.  As we talked through surviving COVID and the difficulties of running small family businesses while trying to raise our families, an idea started to form.  What if we put our cheese together with Big Hill's Standard Cider?  By Monday of the following week, we had some hard cider on hand and the cheesemaking team got busy making scratch batches of what would become our next great cheese!

We start by mulling the hard cider with sticks of cinnamon, whole cloves, and nutmeg, before washing our gouda-style cheese curds.  After the aging process is completed in our caves, we put the wheels into the smoker for a long, cool, infusion of applewood smoke. 

The resulting flavor is all things sweet, creamy, salty, and smokey!  We think it is the perfect addition to any celebration and a great representation of all Central Pennsylvania has to offer.  We think it pairs perfectly with any seasonal hard cider, but of course, we will be eating ours with a Big Hill Ciderworks in hand...and we hope you will too!