Fresh Ricotta (whey-based)

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“Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey. When, along came a spider who sat down beside her, and said, “Hey, you can use that whey to make ricotta cheese.” And so they did.” - That’s how it goes, right? We think it should.

Did you know that ricotta cheese translates to "re-cooked whey"?  That's right, the American-style ricotta made from milk is actually something altogether different.  It is simply "cooked" milk with vinegar or citric acid added to curdle the solids in the milk.  At Caputo Brothers Creamery, we believe in making ricotta in the traditional Italian-style from the whey with no vinegar or citric acid!

Perfect in a cannoli or just on its own for a protein-packed snack, this is not the same product as the milk-based ricotta you find in the plastic tubs!  Our ricotta is made by harvesting the whey from our cheesemaking and re-cooking it to create this soft, custard-like cheese.  It’s smooth texture and delicious flavor make it perfect for both sweet and savory applications. Check out some of our ricotta recipes!

(1-1.25 lbs. per basket)

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